Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Woo! What a weekend. The weather here was so amazing...70's and sunny! Our weekend was extra long feeling because Eric was off on Friday. I loved our extra family time. The work week should always be just 4 days long. #canigetanamen #amen


It's official!! We are so thrilled, we closed on our new home in Leesburg! The boys spent the day with my parents while we signed approximately one hundred thousand papers. After we finished we went for a {kid free} lunch to celebrate at a cute little bar downtown. 


Nathan had soccer and my parent's were in town and able to come see him play! It's a league for 2-3 year olds so they don't actually play a game, just do all sorts of little drills and exercises. 

          B snuggling with Grandma

I snuck away for an afternoon pedi with my friend Kelly! I hadn't gotten my toes done since Bryce was born and with the warmer temps I needed to get my toes ready for flip flop season! 

          OPI- Strawberry Margarita

When the boys woke up from nap time we headed downtown to a shop that sells Chalk paint. I have a project I'm starting.. It's my first time using chalk paint so I'll definitely be posting how it turns out! 

We grabbed some iced coffees (and a sippy) while walking around downtown 

Saturday night we grilled some steak tips on the grill and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine! In our townhouse we don't really have a deck so I am really looking forward to our deck in our new home and spending evenings outside after the boys are in bed! 


I work on Sunday evenings. So sunday mornings I spend writing my grocery list, making a meal plan and going over our scheduled for the week. This week is another busy one! 

Have a great week! Xo 

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