Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Mother's Day Edition


Friday was our last MOPs meeting of the year! I love love love.. MOPs and can't wait for it to start back up in the fall! There is something so amazing about being surrounded by a group of women who are in the same place in life. It's refreshing, encouraging and makes you realize that you will actually survive having a toddler and an infant at the same time. 
Hot coffee and delicious breakfast, I may just keep having kids just so I never have to leave MOPs. #justkidding #maybe 

Nathan made this flower pot in his class and he was so excited to give it to me when I picked him up! He also "colored Jesus"...I wish you could hear him say that phrase! Adorable.

After MOPS we headed over to the new house. We haven't moved our furniture in yet, so Nathan was loving all the open spaces to run and act like a wild man.

puffy heart. 


This Saturday was our monthly date night
Nathan goes to the church daycare and we get a couple hours to go out on a date! 
We love this program and it has been such a blessing over the last 2 years!
This month we decided that we would spend our date night at the new house fixing some paint on the walls. #soromantic 

We grabbed Chipotle and ate it standing around our kitchen island since our furniture isn't at the house yet. 


Mothers day!
I woke up Sunday morning and checked my email on my phone like I normally do. Eric had set up email accounts for both the boys and sent me these cute emails. Now I can send them both emails throughout the years and once they are old enough give them the passwords to the accounts so they can read them all. #insertuglycry #totaldaddywin

#yesIhave9351emails #noidontwanttotalkaboutit

Eric went out and got coffee and breakfast and then we took a picnic over to the new house. Nathan got to work "painting" the sliding glass door. 

Hanging out in my Mother's Day present! Love these 3 guys!

Quiet time

I am so blessed to be able to raise these boys! Being a Mommy to Nathan and Bryce has completed me and made me so incredibly happy. My days are filled to the max and its the hardest and most exhausting job i've ever had...but my heart is so full. 

Hoping my Mommy Friends had a relaxing day! 

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  1. The email account is the sweetest gift and idea! You will all love having that as your boys get older; SO SWEET!