Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Linking up with ShayMel and Shaeffer to share what's up with the Smialeks! 

{What We're Eating This Week}
I've started to do some of my favorite summer recipes! Summer cooking is so easy, I love it!

Sunday- Burgers on the grill
Mon- Kielbasa on the grill 
Tues- Tacos
Wed- Taco Salads  (Wednesday's we keep it easy with leftovers because I work at 7pm)
Thurs-Roasted Chicken Sausage, Potatoes and Peppers
Fri- Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza 
Sat- "Ask Daddy"

{What I'm Reminiscing About}
We are saying "goodbye" to our old townhouse! It was just a rental and we knew we would only be there for two years- but i'm feeling sad about leaving because of all the memories we had there. I was SO ready for more space, but a lot of living happened in that house! 
Nathan learned to walk, Took his first day of school pictures on that front porch,  I told Eric I was pregnant, and we brought home our baby #2. Lots of amazing times! #insertuglycry

{What I'm Loving}
I found this cute box at Home Goods this week! It looks so cute on our built ins and I've decided that throught the year I'll throw little memory items I want to keep in there (stuff from preschool, things Nathan makes, pictures I have printed) and then at the end of the year we'll go through it and find a permanent place for the special items we want to keep! 

{What We've Been Up To}
Holy. Moving. 
I knew it was going to be tough....but I had no idea. I'll never move again. Nevah.

{What I'm Dreading}
100 degree weather. How did this happen so quickly? Did I miss spring or something?
I'm going to be pinning some good inside activities for toddlers for those afternoons when it's just way too hot!

{What I'm Excited About}
Summer! I'm so looking forward to relaxed summer weekends and getting to the beach! 

{What I'm Watching/Reading}
Bachelorette! I never miss a season!

{What I'm Listening To}
"Now if we're talking bodiesssss" That song has been living in my head all week #nowitsinyours #yourewelcome

{What I'm Wearing}
I'm reaching on this one a little....
But i've been wearing Dolce and Gabbana #3 lately- it's a great scent for summer because it's nice a light 

{What I'm Doing This Weekend}
Just our usual weekend routine! Hoping we can all get some good relaxing in because last weekend was so busy

{What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month}
Bryce has his 4 month #STOPIT doctors appointment! I secretly love taking them in to the doctor to hear what a great job he's doing growing and moving. It's like a huge "high five" moment from the doctor! #hesstillalive #goodjobmama 

My work schedule changes in June! I am going back to my once a week night shift. It's a little bitter sweet. I love that I don't have to have childcare for my boys right now- but it can be a little rough to stay up overnight. I do miss the "quiet" of night shift. I'm thinking positive that this will be the best for my family right now!

School is out in June. #sadface Nathan loves his teacher and his school friends...and mommy loves her time with just one kid! 

Fathers day! We'll be celebrating Daddy at the end of the month! 

{What's your favorite thing to grill}
I love steak on the grill! Eric handles all the grilling over here- I just prep everything and he takes care of the cooking. One of my favorite things about summer is the grilling and how much easier it makes getting dinner on the table 

{What Else Is New}
Bryce is rolling over! My baby is growing too fast. His 4 month update is coming next week! 
Here he is cheering for Uncle Brett who just graduate from Penn State! 

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  1. We moved 5 years ago when Kate was 3 and claire was 18 months old. OMG. So glad we are never moving again!
    Hang in there!!!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)