Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up: Snowmagedon 2016 Edition

What a weekend! 

We survived. But it wasn't pretty. 

Last week the news was going crazy talking about a big snow storm on our way. I work every weekend, and this storm just so happened to fall right on a weekend. When there is a big snow storm, nurses are expected to show up to their shift, as scheduled. One of my best girlfriends lives across the street from the hospital and we agreed that I should get snowed in with her! 

When I got to her house Friday Night, there was already about an inch of snow on the ground! We walked to the town center for dinner and spicy Margaritas at Bar Taco! 

Our walk back to her condo was cold and snowy! 

We settled in with all of the essentials for being snowed in! Wine, iPads, magazines. brownies and the local news forecast! 

Saturday morning Eric sent me this picture of Nathan in the snow! He was loving every minute!

Meanwhile...Teresa and I were making fresh orange mimosas 

Eric kept me pretty updated on my little guys! I had bought Nathan a bunch of fun snacks and treats for the weekend. He loved the cereal! 

Saturday Night with my crew! I had planned to walk to the hospital but it turned out the snow was up to my knees and it was almost impossible to walk. We had some great volunteers who picked up nurses around the area to make sure we could all get safely to work.

Sunday, Eric's uncle Brad came and picked me up and drove me home. We couldn't make it down the culd-a-sac in his jeep because it hadn't seen a plow yet. Crazy! My neighbor used a snow plow so there was a path from the main road to our house. That's our snowy house, and this is as close as any car could get to it. 

Reunited! Nathan was SO excited to tell me all of his stories from the weekend in the snow! 

On Monday Eric went to pick up our car at Teresa's house. He brought me back a little piece of civilization #starbucks

Our neighbors were such a great help to Eric with clearing all of the snow! I made them some homemade Pineapple Banana Bread and brought it over to them still warm...yum! 

Unfortunately the end of the storm...means the end of seeing this guy nonstop on the news conferences. I can't be the only one loving his serious reports!
My girl friend, Erin made me this meme #becauseweareteenagers 

That was all the snow I can handle for this year #bringonspring


  1. I love your pics versus your hubby's pics during the storm. We just had our street plowed this afternoon, I was never so happy to get out to the grocery store!!

  2. We need a meme for the transportation guy!! Such a great staycation :)

  3. Hahahah I love that meme! I teach in Fairfax County and we're on snow day 5. I wonder if we're going to make it in at all this week. Major props to you and your coworkers for getting into work during the storm!! You are so appreciated!