Friday, January 15, 2016


It's Friday! I'm linking up and sharing my favorites 

Eric has been working long hours lately. It's been the hardest on Nathan...he is such a big daddy's boy. So Thursday Eric stayed home a little later in the morning and took Nathan on a little breakfast date and then to school. It's all Nathan could talk about all day. #meltmyheart

Last week I finally bit the bullet and bought a As the boys are getting older and busier, it's almost impossible to get a picture where one of them isn't blurry. So now I just need someone to come over and teach me how to use it #somanybuttons and then i'll be all set!

A couple weeks ago, I started Weight Watchers. Ya know, if it's good enough for's good enough for me. I've been doing a lot of stuffed pepper recipes for dinner. One of my favorites is a lightened up version of this recipe. I skipped the oil and cut down the cheese to just 1 slice per pepper. 

This was such a fun thing to do at the end of the year! It took my most liked instagram photos and put them all together. I loved seeing some of my favorite moments all put together. You can follow me on Instagram here. It's my favorite place to post pics of our day to day life.

I have a serious love for Adele #whodoesnt. This was circling around Facebook yesterday and I was dyinggggg. Now I've added "go to England and run into Adele" to my to-do list #dreambig. 


  1. Those peppers look so good! Take me with you to England!!

  2. Is that camera a T5? I just bought the exact same one last week. Loving it so far! I'm actually trying to teach myself how to use it in manual and I'm planning on sharing what I learn as I go. I'll probably post something early next week.

  3. Those peppers look so yummy, good luck on WW! I've always done well with it. I have a Nikon, so it's a bit different, but read your manual, and then just practice. You'll be shooting like a pro in no time!

  4. For your camera, the best thing I have found is to check out free youtube tutorials! They are super helpful and informative! It still takes a looooot of time, but they explain so much! Good luck! Happy weekend!

  5. Hi, Ash! Your "adult" camera is very nice and I would feel the same way. Tech savvy I am not and I'd rather someone just show me how something works than actually read the directions! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  6. Adult cameras are the best, you will love it, such great pictures.

    This is the third stuffed peppers recipe I've seen today. Guess I know whats on the menu next week.

  7. Enjoy your new camera! I'm in need of an upgrade, but that will have to be a bit down the road.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Every few months I decide I need a big camera and I research and look into them, discuss with my photog friends and then ultimately decide I just need to do better with editing my iphone pics! ha! I just know I don't have the patience to learn it by myself. But I'll love hearing how it goes for you! It can't be that hard, right?!?!

  9. Those peppers look so good, I think I'll give them a try! And that camera, go you!! I am still trying to learn how to shoot in manual, it is confusing! I just google ALOT, LOL.