Friday, February 19, 2016

ITS FRIDAY!! #fridayfavs

{Friday Favorites}

TGIF! I'm linking up with Andrea  and sharing this weeks favs!

During the week I put the boys down for nap/quiet time and then I eat lunch. This week I've been so busy during that time of the day that I've made a little app plate for lunch instead of my usual salad. It works great if you have a lot to do and you can just graze through the afternoon. 

I've recently really loved shopping at Aldi! The prices are so cheap.. Especially on things we fly through.. Like snacks for the boys. If I let him Nathan would have a constant snack in his hand. 

Tuesday night we celebrated one of my girlfriends birthdays! Erin (on the far right) is twins with Teresa (far left)! We've decided this year to celebrate their birthdays on two different days, so they both feel special! This night we went to a Greek restaurant and celebrated Erin! We had so much fun... Not the best picture.. But that's what you get when you ask a bartender to take your pic! 

I absolutely LOVED the Grammys this year! 
I was totally obsessed with Carrie's hair! I took a screen shot and sent a message to my girlfriends where we then discussed #tobobornottobob I love it! 
....and didn't she just have a baby? #notfair 

This guy. Always a favorite #almostalways #ikid 

Body Pump! 
We recently joined a gym and it's been awesome! I drop the kids off and they love the childcare, most days they are the only kids there! I've gotten back into body pump and i've been loving it! #almostasmuchasilovecake #notevenclose #butimworkingonit 

It's supposed to be 60 degrees on Saturday! I don't even remember what that feels like! Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Pins

I'm linking up with Andrea today and sharing some of my favorite pinterest pins! 
I have no idea what life was like before pinterest. The days of looking through magazines or cookbooks for weekly inspiration are long gone! 

After I've made or tried a Pin, I move it to the  "Things I've Tried" board. I frequently head back here to find something I want to try again!

These are always such a hit when I bring them somewhere! Super easy!

Recipe Box board is where I Pin all of my go-to meal ideas. I head here every weekend as I'm meal planning to get some ideas of things we have loved! 

We love this kid friendly turkey chili! 

I also have boards for both the boys! Nathan's has moved from baby stuff to toddler stuff. I've been pinning some pins about iPad apps for toddlers!  

There's also a whole lot of potty training pins on there, because I wanted every.single.tip. on how to tackle that parenting stage! 

When we bought our house in May, I started pinning things to the Our New House board. We have been slow to get much done in the house, but I love having the pins there for inspiration on how to update! This is one of my favorite pins....I mean....who knew?!

Follow my Pinterest pinning here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night I worked at the hospital. It was a pretty quiet night for me and I enjoyed the slower pace. 

Saturday morning I came home and slept for a couple hours after night shift. 

After the boys naptime we went to the new gym we joined. We got a nice workout in, and the boys got to burn off some energy #canigetanamen 

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Eric's Aunt and Uncle. They are some of our favorite people! They are only 12 years older then us and always have such great life advice since they were just in our shoes, raising babies, not too long ago! 

This has been my go-to outfit lately for going out. My favorite black pointe pants and booties.. and then I just switch out the top and scarf.  

I love the wine glasses at this restaurant! 

And the food! I got a steak salad and it had fries on it! #bestillmyheart #friesoneverything 

Me and Shan sharing a bottle of Red 

Sunday I did a little photo shoot for Bryce's birthday. Oh my goodness. 

Here's a little sneak peak! I'll be posting about his big day on Friday! 
#cuddleme #mybabyisnotababyanymore

Sunday afternoon I took Nathan to Target so he could pick out a present for Bryce for his birthday. He was basically picking out toys HE wanted #threeyearolds. 
We ended up with a cute farm animal little people set that Nathan is so excited to give him! 

While Nathan and I were out shopping, Eric sent me this picture of Bryce trying to scale and pack and play. Guess I can put this in storage now. #waaaa

Such a great weekend! We are celebrating Bryce's big day this weekend with family and friends! Can't wait to celebrate my big boy!