Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

It's April! 
April happens to be my favorite month because it's my birthday month and the weather really starts to get nice! 

I'm sharing my goals for April today with the hopes it keeps me accountable! I'll come back in May and review how I did! 

1. Pack 7 boxes per week
    - we are moving the first week of May and I'm hoping to slowly pack throughout the month to minimize the stress at the end. Packing with two kids...yikes 

2. Three Date Nights with E ❤️
 -hoping we can fit these in this month 

3. No sugar after 8 pm
 - except on April 7th! This ones gonna be a challenge for sure but I'm gonna try!
#wineisafruit #doesntcount  

4. Increase water intake
- yes 

5. Active 4 days/ week 
-21 day fix or walking with the stroller 

6. Planned outside activity for N at least once a week
- my boy needs to run and I need some color on this chalky skin 

7. Read 1 Book 
- #inmysparetime 

Happy April #insertaprilfoolsjokehere

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