Monday, January 11, 2016

What's Cookin

I thought I would do a little post here to share some of our favorite dinners in the Smialek house! These are our tried and true dinners. The ones I find myself remaking every couple weeks. 

I use Sundays to look at our upcoming schedule for the week and plan out what i'll be cooking. If I get in a rut, and I can't think of anything to cook, I'm usually texting my friend Kelly to steal her ideas #thereisaidit.

So here ya go! Links to our family favorites! What's your favorite weekday recipe?!

{I love all of Skinnytaste recipes, but this one I find myself making over and over. I do use canned enchilada sauce #gasp, instead of making my own because...well.. #babysteps. Either way. It's so yum}

{This is the BEST homemade Chicken Noodle Soup ever. It's almost creamy. It makes lots of leftovers that are perfect for weekday lunches! I make the chicken the day before in the crockpot using this recipe #lifechanging}

{Another Skinnytaste recipe. We always have Chicken sausage in our fridge. It has a super long shelf life and so you can keep in the fridge for weeks without thinking about it. That one night when you have NOTHING to make....there it is! I've switched this up with sweet potatoes and it's just as great}

{We love this one! It's easy, and healthy #winwin. You can wrap it into a tortilla, make a burrito, or use the it to top a salad. The meat comes out nice and tender and the flavor is excellent. I'm making these this week}

{This isn't the healthiest recipe out there, but its one of my favorites to cook for my Momma friends after they've had a baby. It's family friendly, not spicy and easy to reheat for quick leftovers. It travels well, and I always bring it in a disposable 13X9 so they don't have to do many dishes. Add some crusty bread, and some cookies and you'll have one happy Momma friend}


  1. I'm saving this post, I need all of these recipes!

  2. The Skinnytaste Enchiladas are my FAVORITE!!! Also- love the oven baked fajitas! Such healthy yummy dinners you have planned this week!!