Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up


On the weeks that I work Friday Night Shift, my Father in Law watches Nathan for a couple hours at his house. I caught this cute pictures of them looking out the windows waiting for Pap-Pap to get here. Bryce will basically do anything that Nathan does! 


Bryce is a big eater. I mean he LOVES food. He'll eat anything and you can't have anything to yourself when this kid is around #bestdietever #eathalfmyfood 

Friday night I got put on call at work so I got to hang with Eric and then got to go to bed! They called me at 2am to come in. So I did a quick little 5 hours at the hospital and then came home to sleep.


Saturday we celebrated this sweet girl's 3rd Birthday! Poor Nathan was sick with some sort of cold, so I made him stay home so that he didn't spread his germs. Gracie is Nathan's very best friend, they love playing wrestling together.

Gracie has the cutest little baby cousin. The look on my face says it all #mamawantsanother
It's amazing how you forget so quickly just how tiny they were. #babyfever 

While Bryce and I were at the birthday party, Eric took Nathan to Wegmans to grab dinner. He loves taking Nathan to eat there, it's a lot of families with young kids just getting out of the house on the weekends. 

They even have this cute little area with cartoons and tables to the kids to sit at. It's a little piece of sanity during these cold winter days. 


On Sunday we headed to the Apple Store to get Eric's iPhone screen fixed. Apple has it all figured out. They have iPad's at a little kids table to keep them busy while you're getting your phone fixed.

While we were getting the phone fixed we grabbed some lunch at Panera. No pictures of that show. #sorrytoeveryoneatpanera. My kids aren't really "eat out" kids. 

Once the phone was fixed, we headed home for nap time and Eric and I spent HOURS trying to figure out where we want to stay in Mexico when we go away March. I mean hours! We ended our research no closer to an actual decision. 

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  1. Please tell me how you survive doing nights and taking care of the littles. I just work PRN but strictly day shift. The other week I needed to work a night shift bc our census was low & I needed hours and my goodness I was dead for a solid 3 days afterwards. Please fill me in on all your magical ways!