Friday, January 27, 2012

8 Weeks 5 Days

I'm a little late on my post this week. I have been busy growing a baby!

On Tuesday I went to my first doctors appointment at my swanky new OBGYN. I had to switch doctors because the doctor I had previously been seeing only delivers at a neighboring hospital and I decided I want to deliver at Riverside (my hospital) so that in case I go into labor at work it's just a short walk to my "suite".  Plus- I get a 25% discount...and we all know I love a good deal!

I didn't get to meet my doctor, but I did give them most of my blood. They also did a urine pregnancy test (good news- I'm pregnant!)

This coming Tuesday (January 31st) Eric and I are going for our first appointment where we will get to see our little one and hear the heartbeat. We are SO excited. At that time I will be 9 weeks 2 days and I have been waiting very patiently for this appointment and it's almost here.

After our appointment we will then be sharing our news (and this blog) with all our closest family and friends!

Our reading materials!

How far along? 8 Weeks 5 Days
Total weight gain/loss?  According to my Dr.s office scale- 5 lbs heavier then my at home scale. HATE that.
Maternity clothes? Been browsing…they aren’t cheap. Kohl’s sells maternity jeans for $60 and they sell regular jeans for $20. This is irritating.
Sleep? Loving every minute
Best moment last week? My first appointment
How I’m feeling: “Morning” sickness hit me hard this week, except I am throwing up between 6pm-9pm at night. Awful.
Food cravings? None
Gender? Too early
Labor signs? WAY too early
Belly button in/out? Innie! 
What I miss: My energy- I’ve heard it comes back in the 2nd trimester though..
What I am looking forward to: Seeing our baby on Tuesday!!
Milestones: It’s still a secret to our families. Only a few people from my work and some close “mommy friends” know at this point! The BIG announcement will happen the weekend of Feb 10th-12th when we go to Ashburn for Eric’s birthday. 

Coming next week...Pics of the BABY!!

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