Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life Lately

{Life Lately}

Summer is just flying by...here's a little about what we've had going on!

Yes. This happened.
We traded in my beloved GMC Terrain for a Honda Odyssey Touring. My 16 year old self SWORE I would never drive a minivan, but I couldn't be more excited for more space and convenience. Love!

One day at library story time- Nathan found a Caillou book and was SO excited. He took it right over to the table and started "reading" it. 


I took the boys to visit Great Grandpa 

We played in the dirt and we found worms #ew

Our college friends came to visit. It had been a YEAR since we saw them last because life has been so busy. Last time we saw them I had just found out I was pregnant with B and they had just had their second baby. Time flies! 

Here are our first born babies! We both named them after characters in our favorite show when we are in high school/college, "One Tree Hill". I can't believe I just admitted that. 

I got brave and took both kids with me to get Nathan a haircut. There was definitely a time when Bryce was first born that I thought I'd never be able to handle both of them in public...but we're doing it! 

"Smile and I'll let you have a lolly pop". yep.

My mother in law watched the boys for me one morning so I could run some errands. She sent me this picture of B sleeping in his mamroo. Seriously. 5 months. He looks so big. 

Friday morning E was home for the holiday weekend! He ran off to the driving range and I took these hooligans on a nice long walk. #icanteven

My sweet cousin Paige sent me this side by side of Nathan and Bryce that she made. Both are about 5 months. I can't believe how different they look! #heartbreakers

We kept it low-key for 4th of july! Bryce is too young for fireworks..so we took the boys to the town center for an afternoon treat and to Nathan got to get out some energy. 

We put the kids to bed and headed outside for Date night on the deck! We love it out there!

Sunday we are off to the beach for the week! Can't wait!

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