Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Here is our weekend in pics! 

{Thursday} #itskindofaweekendday 

Last day of 2 year old Preschool!

This was a bonus year of preschool for Nathan. He turned 2 the first week of preschool but I happened to find out about this wonderful in home preschool and I know it was going to be great for him to have a structured environment to learn and play. 
First and Last Day of School
I can't believe how much older he looks!
Ms. Megan and Ms. Jenn. 
Nathan loves them so much! These two were amazingly patient with my wild child. They have the perfect personalities to spend the day with seven 2 year olds. God bless them! 

Nathan got the "most sociable" award 

Ms. Megan gave each student a special book and wrote a special note for them inside. It was so sweet. "5 Little Monkeys" 

He really is a monkey. #buthesmymonkey

Megan always shared with me his special gifts and talents and that made my mommy heart happy. We will miss Ms. Megan horribly next year!

Class picture. #melt

Nathan and his 3 classmates all became older siblings! 

Last day of soccer.

Uncle Brett came to play!

Nathan showing off his certificate 

Saturday Afternoon we went to Eric's cousin Conner's high school graduation party! Eric and I divided up and he chased Nathan around and I lugged Bryce around. 

Hanging out with Uncle Josh
I took Bryce into the office to try and put him to sleep. He was thrilled #obv

Saturday night we were so exhausted from such a full day that we stayed in for date night 

Mommy-Nathan Date at Target. Nathan brought his "shopping list" and kept telling me we needed to get"snacks and things"

Sunday afternoon we spent celebrating London Olivia's baptism! I forgot to take pictures..but girlie looked beautiful in her white dress!
And of course there is no other appropriate gift then one in a Nords box. #amen

Sunday evening I was off to work. This was my last sunday evening shift- I'm heading back to night shift and will be working every Friday night #prayforme.


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